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DJ Ryan Page
Dan Page
Ryan's mentor, father and one of the best friends a guy could have.  Dan had a special knack for entertaining a crowd and providing the right music at just the right time.  Dan DJ'd for 100s of couples on their wedding days, company parties, class reunions, etc. on countless weekends over 30 years.  In 2006 Dan turned over the gig to one of his favorite kids, Ryan Page.  Dan passed in 2008 and he is greatly missed, however at every event his presence is felt! 
About DJ Ryan Page
My name is Ryan Page, I am a banker by day and a DJ by night.  I began providing mobile DJ services for basically any event that needs music in 2006. Although unofficially I tagged along with my Dad on many set-ups and events in the 80's 90's and early 2000's.  I specialize in wedding receptions but also DJ school dances, class reunions, and parties of any kind.

I am located in Wilmington, OH and usually DJ within the Southwest Ohio area including Dayton, Cincinnati and Columbus.

I was born into a life of music as my father was truly a music man; always dancing, recording, just enjoying a good song and life in general.  My father, Dan Page,  disc jockeyed many wedding receptions, reunions, parties, etc for over 30 years.   Every event I disc jockey I strive be half the entertainer he was.

When I am not Disc Jockeying I enjoy sharing my love of music with my son Bentley.  Bentley loves to dance and sing, he has been jamming since the day he was born.   
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